Preschool Classes

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In our Developmentally Delayed classes we are using the Read It Once Again literary preschool curriculum. This curriculum was created especially for preschool children with language delays or disorders, developmental delays, or forms of autism, but is equally effective with four-year-old kindergarten students. 
In typical pre-school classrooms, literature and storybooks are used to support theme units, but stories are changed often and young children, especially those with receptive and expressive language delays, are not always given the opportunity and time necessary that it takes to become familiar with key words and cognitive concepts found within the stories.  Familiarity and literary repetition help to support language development and cognitive learning in the manner that is most productive to young children.
Read It Once Again preschool curriculums use the story itself as the theme of the unit to promote early literacy. They furnish the teacher with objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide children with language delays, developmental delays, or autism an educational program which will meet their basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the preschool classroom. The units are also aligned with South Carolina state standards.