Ingles Tools for Schools

Ingles Tools for Schools
Do you have an Ingles Advantage Card?  If so, do you know that the Child Development Center can earn money to be used towards a purchase that can benefit our students each time you make a purchase at Ingles?  It’s true!  There is a trick - You have to link your card to our school on the Ingles website.  This can be done two ways:
1.             Let us do it for you!  
                * Provide us with your first and last name as well as your 12 digit Ingles Advantage Card number.
2.             Do it yourself!  
                * Go to
                * Click on Tools for Schools
                * Click on Link your Advantage Card.  You can search by our school’s name (Child Development Center).  
                * Click on our school’s name
                * A form will come up that you will fill out and submit online.  
                * Now, you are ready to shop!
If you do not have an Ingles Advantage Card yet, you can fill out the application at Ingles.  When you get your card, follow the steps above.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help our school!  The funds we generate will be given right back to our students in the form of tools we can use for our school!